MTF Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms of the MTF was created by the brilliant Portuguese artist and creator LUÍS CAMILO ALVES together with talented masters of the heraldic workshop The Reidarmas.

The Coat of Arms of the Institute of Management, Technology, and Finance embodies a rich array of significant concepts, such as stability, confidence, strength, wealth, partnership, and innovation.

The design is mainly geometrical. It displays a fret (throughout) with two bends and one square interlaced. The two bends, one silver and one gold, meaning two different paths. The square means institution. The union (fret) among these 3 objects represents strength and partnership.

The gold bezants in center simbolizes wealth (coins); they are placed inside the square/The Institute. The gold bend evokes the path chosen by the MTF students. Their placement signifies the abundance and prosperity that can be generated through the pursuit of knowledge and learning within the institution.

The blue with white and yellow (silver and gold) is a stable combination and denotes confidence. This color choice reinforces the Institute's commitment to creating an environment of trust and dependability. The geometrical and symmetrical structure denotes stability - and the width of these objects, confidence. Positioned atop the shield is the ship of innovation, a powerful symbol representing the Institute's commitment to pushing boundaries, embracing new ideas, and pioneering advancements in the fields of management, technology, and finance.

The coat of arms of the Institute of Management, Technology, and Finance encapsulates the core values and aspirations of the institution. It serves as a visual representation of stability, confidence, strength, wealth, partnership, and innovation, while celebrating the diverse paths and achievements of its students and faculty.



MTF Institute of Management,

Technology & Finance

Av. Duque de Loulé 12,

1050-093, Lisboa, Portugal

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