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In today's dynamic and highly competitive business landscape, individuals seeking to excel in their careers or build their own successful ventures must equip themselves with a diverse skill set and comprehensive knowledge of business operations.

The MBA Essentials program offers a transformative educational experience that prepares professionals to navigate the complexities of the modern business world. This description delves into the importance of key topics covered in the MBA Essentials program, such as management, leadership, business administration, and business fundamentals, in building a rewarding career, entrepreneurial success, and achieving business goals.

Business Administration imparts strategic decision-making skills and effective resource allocation, while Entrepreneurship empowers individuals to create successful ventures. Digital Transformation equips professionals to leverage technology and navigate the digital landscape. Finally, Business Strategy enables individuals to formulate and implement strategies for sustainable growth.

By embracing the comprehensive education provided by the MBA Essentials program, individuals gain a competitive advantage, positioning themselves for career advancement, entrepreneurial success, and the achievement of their business goals.

Course provided by MTF Institute of Management, Technology and Finance, leading business and tech institute with HQ at Lisbon, Portugal.

Through the General Management module, individuals gain a broad understanding of management principles, enabling them to contribute effectively to organizations. The Leadership module develops influential leaders capable of inspiring and guiding teams towards shared objectives. Proficiency in Marketing Management equips professionals to identify market opportunities, engage customers, and gain a competitive edge. Finance Management provides individuals with a solid foundation to make informed financial decisions and optimize resources. Innovations Management fosters a culture of creativity and adaptation to drive continuous improvement. Operational Management streamlines processes, enhances efficiency, and delivers value to customers.

Head of Program: Igor Dmitriev

  • Education: I. MBA, The Boston University, USA, II. Master of Science at Engineering (Technical) Management, The State University of New York at Buffalo, USA, III. Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Expert at Banking (>16 years), FinTech & Digital (>12 years), Experienced Manager (>14 years) with successful track of records at personal and corporate entrepreneurship
  • More than 12 years at worldwide banking groups such us Societe Generale, Raiffeisenbank
  • Experience at roles: CEO, Head of Business, Chief Digital & Marketing Officer, Head of Digital Transformation and Channels, Head of Products and Marketing


  • Course contains: video and textual lectures, case studies, problem solving exercises, live chat with Professors and other students.
  • Exclusive pack of materials from Harvard Publishing
  • You will also finish Practical Capstone Project and Final Exam
  • Module 1: General Management: The General Management module forms the bedrock of the MBA program, providing a comprehensive understanding of organizational dynamics and the fundamental principles of management. This module equips aspiring professionals with essential skills in decision-making, problem-solving, and strategic thinking. It offers a holistic perspective on business operations, allowing individuals to navigate complex challenges effectively and contribute meaningfully to their organizations. With expertise in general management, professionals are well-positioned to assume leadership roles and drive organizational growth.
  • Module 2: Leadership: Effective leadership is a vital component of success in any business endeavor. The Leadership module in an MBA program focuses on developing leadership skills that inspire and guide teams towards shared objectives. Students learn the art of effective communication, emotional intelligence, and adaptability, enabling them to cultivate influential leadership styles. This module fosters a growth mindset, empowering individuals to lead with confidence, navigate change, and inspire others to achieve their best. Strong leadership skills are instrumental in propelling individuals to executive positions, including the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and nurturing organizational success.
  • Module 3: Marketing Management: Marketing is an essential driver of business success, and the Marketing Management module in an MBA program explores key principles such as market analysis, customer behavior, branding, and strategic marketing techniques. By mastering marketing management, individuals gain the skills to identify market opportunities, develop effective marketing strategies, and engage customers. Proficiency in this area enables professionals to create strong brand identities, gain a competitive edge, and achieve sustainable business growth.
  • Module 4: Finance Management: A sound understanding of finance is critical to making informed business decisions and ensuring the financial sustainability of an organization. The Finance Management module in an MBA program provides students with a solid foundation in financial analysis, investment strategies, and risk management. By developing expertise in finance management, professionals can evaluate investment opportunities, optimize financial resources, and contribute to the profitability of their organizations. This knowledge is invaluable for managers and entrepreneurs alike in achieving their business goals.
  • Module 5: Innovations Management: Innovation is the lifeblood of businesses that strive for growth and differentiation in today's rapidly evolving marketplaces. The Innovations Management module in an MBA program equips students with the knowledge and skills to identify and harness opportunities for innovation within organizations. It fosters a culture of creativity, explores effective innovation processes, and addresses the management of disruptive technologies. Proficiency in innovation management empowers individuals to lead and adapt to change, fostering continuous improvement and sustainable success.
  • Module 6: Operational Management: Efficient operational management is vital for organizations to streamline processes, optimize resources, and deliver value to customers. The Operational Management module in an MBA program provides insights into process improvement methodologies, supply chain management, and project management techniques. Through this module, individuals gain the ability to identify bottlenecks, develop effective operational strategies, and implement best practices to achieve organizational objectives. Proficiency in operational management enhances productivity, efficiency, and organizational excellence.
  • Module 7: Business Administration: The Business Administration module explores key aspects of managing and administering businesses, including strategic planning, organizational behavior, and human resource management. It equips students with a deep understanding of how various functional areas interplay and align with efficient operations. Through this module, individuals develop skills in strategic decision-making, effective resource allocation, and fostering a positive organizational culture. Proficiency in business administration enables professionals to navigate complex challenges, drive growth, and achieve long-term success.
  • Module 8: Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship is the catalyst for innovation, job creation, and economic growth. The Entrepreneurship module in an MBA program equips individuals with the mindset, skills, and knowledge needed to embark on entrepreneurial ventures. It explores the intricacies of opportunity recognition, business planning, market analysis, and financial management for startups. Through this module, aspiring entrepreneurs gain a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities inherent in launching and scaling their own businesses. Proficiency in entrepreneurship empowers individuals to take calculated risks, pursue their passions, and create successful ventures.
  • Module 9: Digital Transformation: In today's digitally-driven world, organizations must embrace digital transformation to stay competitive and relevant. The Digital Transformation module in an MBA program focuses on emerging technologies, data analytics, and strategic decision-making in the digital era. Students gain insights into leveraging technology to drive innovation, enhance customer experiences, and optimize business processes. Proficiency in digital transformation enables professionals to navigate the rapidly changing landscape, harness digital opportunities, and drive organizational success.
  • Module 10: Business Strategy: Business Strategy is a cornerstone of effective management and decision-making. The Business Strategy module in an MBA program equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to formulate and implement strategies that align with organizational goals. Students learn to analyze industry dynamics, identify competitive advantages, and craft strategies for sustainable growth. Proficiency in business strategy empowers professionals to make informed decisions, adapt to market changes, and achieve long-term success. 

After finishing of the program you will get:

  • European Certificate of Professional Education (Certificate in accordance with the model published in Ordinance No. 474/2010)
  • Digital Diploma from MTF
  • Digital Diploma from UDEMY
  • Recommendation Letter (Capstone finishing required)
  • Verification Service in case of any requests
  • Life-long access to course and alumni community

The MTF Institute of Management, Technology and Finance is the global educational and research institute with HQ at Lisbon, Portugal, focused on business & professional hybrid (on-campus and online) education at areas: Business & Administration, Science & Technology, Banking & Finance. MTF R&D center focused on research activities at areas: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data, WEB3, Digital Transformation, Fintech, Electronic Commerce. MTF is the official partner of: IBM, Intel, Microsoft and resident of the incubator "The Fintech House of Portugal". MTF is presents in 208 countries and has been chosen by more than 380 000 students.

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Buy at UDEMY

Link to Udemy, you may buy a course after registration at Udemy. Please write us in case of any questions.

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Write us in case of any questions about details, price, content, requirements and your steps for course registration.



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